Athletes That Turned Famous

157955_SF_2997_005The life of an athlete is not easy, everyday they have to go through tough training as well as look over what they eat. They face a lot of pressure and are under stress so much that some of them are unable to perform well in their sport when the time comes. However, there is no doubt hard work always pays out in the end. The athletes that have worked so hard have ultimately achieved their goals and hence gained quite a lot of popularity all over the world. Following are a few of the greatest athletes that became famous due to their achieved goals:

Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt is a famous Olympics athlete known to be one of the best runners with a net worth of $30 million. He is a living legend who gained popularity because of hard work and unbelievable efforts on the tracks.  The Jamaican athlete did not believe that he could achieve his goal initially; however with time and help from various qualified coaches, he started practicing reaching closer to his goal every day.  In a racing event in school that he participated in, he reached the 200 meters finish line in just 22.04 seconds.

Nadia Comaneci
The Romanian American athlete gained popularity and recognition scoring perfect ten on asymmetric bars. It is the first time that anyone has ever scored that in 1976. At the age of fourteen, she became the youngest all-around Olympic gold medalist drawing attention from all over the world and helping Romania gain its place on the map. She became a legendary gymnastics opening up many doors for people especially young girls. Because of her, people changed their perception about female athletes.

Oscar Pistorius
Being amputated at the age of one, Oscar Pistorius became a great runner player by following his dreams and not letting his disability get in the way.  Initially he wanted to be a rugby player but those dreams were shattered due to an injury in his teens. He has won many gold medals as well as participated in the Olympics 2012.  However he has been criticized for having an advantage while racing, using his metal legs. It is unfortunate to know that he is currently facing life sentence in prison for murder charges.

Michael Johnson
The Olympic gold medalist of four times, Michael Johnson has a net worth of about $7 million. He is famous for giving an outstanding performance under pressure that most people are unable to do so. He is skilled and talented in the fields of track with one of his kind in men to win a 200 meter as well as a 400 meter race in the same Olympic game.  Due to his retirement, he is currently a BBC commentator as well as coaches and trains young athletes for olymics.

Milkha Singh
Also known as “The flying Silk”, Milkha Singh has a net worth of about $2,5 million. He gained popularity by winning gold medals at the Commonwealth Games making his home country, India, proud.

Benefits of Being Active in Sports

physicalactivityA healthy nation is a wealthy nation. We all know how beneficial sports are in terms of physical health but there is more to it. The athletes apply what they learn through their sports in their real lives from which they gain maximum benefits as well as peace. Following are a few of the major benefits of being active in sports:

Athletes do better academically
As being an athlete demands for a lot of time and energy, many people think that the athlete who are students will not be able to perform academically. This is not true; in fact the reality is the opposite. They perform better in class because they have the same memorization skills as well as motivation that they have in their sports field applied to the classroom. So many athletes, who are good at the particular sport, are good in their academic studies as well.

It teaches teamwork and helps achieve goals.
Being a member of a particular sports team, you have a goal that is shared with other team members as well as the coaches and several other people in the sports field. This allows the person to works effectively and comfortably with their team members. They apply the same logic to work and their lifestyle as well which makes it easier to communicate with others including friends and family.

Sports has many health benefits
It is obvious that sports will lead you to achieve fitness and your weight goals.  It motivates you to exercise and stay fit as your team members are counting on you. Moreover, when you decide to stay healthy, you refrain from unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking etc. which further lowers your chance getting diagnosed with diseases later in life as well as giving you a healthy lifestyle.

Good for your self-esteem
When you hard work pays off in the end, you feel very confident and your self esteem is boosted. It makes you believe that if you put enough effort and motivation, it is possible to achieve that goal. They apply the same rule to their life, being able to achieve any goal if hard work is put; believing your set goals are possible to achieve.

It lowers pressure and stress
The natural way to reduce stress is exercise, which is a must if you play sports. It also allows you to meet new people which can be there for you as your support system. So sports reduce the pressure and stress in life which helps you focus on the greater things and enable you to achieve them.

It has an educational value
A sense of discipline is reinforced into you through sports. You need to follow certain rules and regulations as well as wear a certain uniform while playing sports. This also applied in academics for an athlete if they are studying. They are into sports so much that they apply those rules in a classroom, achieve maximum discipline which is essential for every student.